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Garage Door Replacement: An Essential Service

One of our other garage door services includes garage door panel replacement. The face of your garage is commonly designed with flat or curved sets of panels on the surface of your garage door. It doesn’t matter the design of the panels on your residential or commercial garage door. Your garage door panels should all be even and set for a smooth and secure operation.

Short Panel Garage Door
Garage Door Panel Replacement

Just as the siding of your house and the fenders of your car are integral to keeping everything intact, so is the case for garage door panels! They not only visually pull your garage door together, but they define your garage door’s quality and security. If damage to your garage door is only limited to one or two panels, our garage door panel replacement is the perfect solution for you! Restore your garage door panels, and schedule local garage door panel replacement with the Original Triad Door Company

When to Consider New Garage Door Replacement

Whenever a garage door panel experiences wear and tear, our technicians are equipped with the necessary materials for prompt repair. If the damage goes past more than one section, it would be more cost-effective to have a full garage door replacement. Looking for a completely different look? View our Gallery for what your garage door could look like after our installation.

You will know it is time to replace your garage door panels if you notice the following issues:

  • Your garage doors have multiple damaged panels. 
  • You notice discoloration or rusting on the face of your garage door.
  • Your garage door is reaching 15 years old. 
  • You need more frequent garage door repairs.
  • You notice an increase in your energy bill despite season changes. 
  • You notice your garage door opens at an angle.
  • Your garage door is misaligned, slanted, or off-track. 

If you detect any of these issues or the issue you are experiencing with your garage door is not listed above, call one of our professional and skilled technicians at (336) 203-7583 for garage door panel replacement. 

Common Questions About Our Garage Door Panel Replacement:

Do you offer commercial door panel replacement?

Yes, we do! We understand reliable commercial doors are pivotal to your business’s productivity. We can conduct garage door panel replacement for the following commercial doors:

  • Commercial Glass Doors
  • Sectional Doors
  • Roll-Up Doors
  • Sheet Doors
  • Security Grilles
  • Rolling Steel Doors

Not seeing your commercial door listed? That’s okay! Get in touch with our expert team, and we’ll consult with you about your specific garage door panel replacement needs.

Can you color match my commercial door panels?

Yes, we can! Any type of commercial building is eligible for our garage door replacement service. If damage is limited to one or two panels on your commercial door, storefront, or warehouse, we can seamlessly color match brand-new panels to your existing garage door panels.

What if there is no visible damage to my garage door panels?

The overall effectiveness of your garage door could be impacted even if there is no visible damage to it. Keep in mind that many garage doors have safety mechanisms and insulation that need to be tested and inspected in case they experience damage as part of garage door maintenance. 

Can garage door panel replacement fix my slanted garage door?

We can expertly fix a slanted garage door with our garage door panel replacement or garage door off-track repair. We can relieve uneven tension for your garage door track and redistribute your panels for a safer and smoother operation. In addition, a thick weatherstrip can often fill the gap under your garage door and an uneven concrete floor. 

Request Professional Panel Replacement Near You!

Contact the local garage door and awning replacement experts from Original Triad Door Company. Damage to the surface of your garage door could indicate underlying internal damage, and calling a professional for panel replacement without replacing the whole door is possible. Don’t let another day go by with an unappealing garage door. Schedule your garage door panel replacement appointment today!

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